Good and EARLY Breastfeeding Support is KEY

Through formal training, certifications, and continuing education; I offer evidence based, up-to-date support, resources, and advice when you need it during your breastfeeding process. I offer counseling at any time during your breastfeeding process, but recommend having counseling in the first few days of postpartum to ensure You and baby are a comfortable working team. With visits in-hospital, in-birthing clinic, in-home, or wherever is most comfortable for you; I strive to ensure you get the facts, advice, and tips for tough situations to continue the joys of breastfeeding.



Lactation counseling services are available at anytime during your breastfeeding process. For common issues and/or concerns I can come to do an in home assessment for you and baby. I will spend approximately two hours (sometimes longer) with you to asses a feeding and discuss your current issues surrounding breastfeeding and come up with a plan to continue.

The fee for this service is $65 per visit per case, I may also require an additional fee for extended traveling not to exceed $25 per visit


For scheduling information:

Contact me to get the lactation support you need now or to plan for your breastfeeding journey before it begins!