I’m eternally grateful for Susanah! She was on-point! She supported me during my water, homebirth and she was literally a game changer. At first my labor was slow and my contractions were irregular. She gave me positioning suggestions and within an hour, I was holding my healthy baby boy. My experience with her was liberating and empowering. Thank you so much Susanah!
— Dr. Monea Tamara Abdul-Majeed

From the first time I met Sue I felt comforted. I’d been feeling anxiety about the birth of our second child as I had an emergency C-section with out first son after being induced and was completely under for his birth. Sue and I discussed my wanting to achieve a VBAC for this birth and she helped me feel prepared (even calling the hospital before we officially began working with her to find out all she could about how they handle VBACs).

She talked through every aspect of our “plan” with us (with our knowing for the second that anything could happen) and helped mentally and emotionally prepare me to (hopefully) go into labor naturally and labor at home as long as possible. Ultimately we arrived at the hospital 8cm dilated and I continued to labor with Sue and my husband for a few hours before I gave birth to my son vaginally, unmedicated. Sue was a huge part of that being possible, her comforting presence and support made all the difference in the at times chaotic, stressful hospital delivery environment. When they wanted to put in an epidural so that I wouldn’t have to be put under in case of an emergency delivery, she suggested they put it in without the medication allowing me to have the unmedicated birth I wanted and to push the baby out fast enough that a C-section wasn’t required when his heart rate dropped.

Sue has a warm, radiant and incredibly positive energy. She was consistently able to help me keep perspective when I felt challenged or worried leading up to this birth, always knowing what I would need to hear. Having her with us through it all allowed my husband and I to approach our second son’s birth with positivity and confidence. She also has continued to be there for me following the birth, and visited to make sure breastfeeding was going well, that meant the world.
— Kate Stacy Bernal

I was so lost once I came home from the hospital with breastfeeding. I was lucky enough to get the support from Sue. She helped build my confidence and helped me start weaning my little one off the the nipple shield. She would also follow up just to check to see how I was doing! She is so sweet and I can’t thank her enough just for her support!!
— Julee Beazell